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Whether for commercial or leisure amenity products, Terra Firma Scotland can offer a wide range of fertilisers, fungicides, insectides, spraying dyes and adjuvants, moss killers and aquatic management. We stock a vast range of foresty, pastureland and landscaping products together with a complete range of PPE, knapsacks and sprayers.

See Our Featured New Products Below:

Enriched Biochar Turf Improver

Biochar is a carbon rich form of charcoal specifically designed for soil application to improve plant growth and health.
Biochar is a very stable substance that is not broken down in soils, offering long-term soil benefits. It naturally alters the physical nature of soils to increase nutrient availability and improve root development, whilst balancing soil moisture levels. 
Enriched Biochar Turf Improver contains high concentrations of multiple strains of mycorrhizal fungi and antagonistic trichoderma, along with actinomyces  bacteria from wormcasts and trace  minerals from seaweed. The product is a dry granular material with a particle size range of between 0 - 5mm.
Biochar is highly porous and provides a permanent infrastructure for the colonisation of beneficial microorganisms. Biochar also alters the physical nature of soil to increase the water holding capacity and encourage higher nutrient retention, reducing leaching and irrigation requirements. Other benefits to soil health include reductions in acidity improvements of the cation exchange capacity; and efficiency of fertilisers – all of which cause an increase in plant vitality and resilience.
Key BenefitsTurf Improver
• Quicker root growth
• Increases nutrient retention 
• Facilitates establishment of microbial population
• Improves vitality & appearance of turf
• Balances soil moisture
Surface dressing applications:
Brush into or spread across hollow tined turf areas at a rate of 1Kg per m2
Seeding applications:
Distribute over prepared seed bed at a rate of 1Kg per m2 before seeding.
Turfing applications:
Distribute over a prepared, forked tilth at a rate of 500g/m2 and ameliorate. Irrigate well before laying turf.

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Building Exterior

At Terra Firma we are intent on listening closely to our customers. Analysing and addressing your needs is the cornerstone of our well renowned customer relationship and we believe it is essential for the success of any business customer relationship. From our customer feedback we learn to fine tune our service, evolve new ideas and constantly build up our knowledge pool.

Our Values - At Terra Firma we work to simple straight forward aims; we want our customers to say:

  • Prices are good
  • I can get what I want
  • I don't have to wait weeks for delivery
  • The staff are friendly and efficient
  • If I need advice, I get rapid, reliable and responsible advice

These five aims may sound simple but we know that if we don't get these things right we will not have a sustainable well functioning business.

warehouseStock - We invest heavily in stock for these simple reasons; it improves delivery lead times and allows customers to collect ex stock. Land Managers, groundsmen and greenkeepers are often at the mercy of short weather windows; it's the nature of the industry we work in. We cannot always carry every item but we meticulously plan to have in season stock to facilitate rapid delivery to our customers.



basis logoStaff Training - Ongoing staff training keeps  our team up to date and able to give the best advice - we benefit from in house manufacturer training, legislative training and agronomic training and our field sales staff are committed to training to the statutory BASIS certificate for pesticide.


Training PicCustomer Support - We regularly hold customer information seminars and training days; our in house knowledge base is supplemented by the expertise of our manufacturer suppliers.  Up to date industry knowledge is key in these fast changing times when application technology and methodology advances often leave others behind.



Nationwide Deliveries - At Terra Firma we realise that customers often require goods at short notice.  Through our network of carriers and our own modern delivery vans we can supply 90%  of the UK on a next day basis (subject to stock availability and time of order).  For those customers who do not require delivery so quickly we are very flexible with regards to dates and times to suit their requirements.

Exterior with Truck

In July 2017 we joined forces with Sherriff Amenity - this will allow the two businesses to combine existing technical expertise and broad product ranges to provide land managers, local authorities, contractors, groundsmen and greenkeepers in Scotland with a full agronomy service, research driven advice, new product innovation and access to an extensive local distribution network.  Click on the Sherriff Amenity logo below to visit their website. 




Krista K

KRISTA - K is a highly soluble form of Potassium Nitrate.  The nitrogen element is in Nitrate form, immediately available to the grass plant furthermore the synergistic effect between K+ and NO3 - facilitates the uptake of both ions by the plant roots, the potassium 'piggybacks' on the Nitrogen resulting in more potassium getting into the plant quickly.  This is soluble, low cost feed.  It works in cold weather, hardens up turf, can be used on all grass areas and has horticultureal uses as well.

  • Rapid Green Up
  • Non-acidifying
  • Cost effective

Composition: 13-0-46

Pack Size: 25Kgs

Rate of use: Variable



Paradise is a residual herbicide containing 25% Flazasulfuron and is formulated as a soluble granule which readily dissolves in the spray tank.

Paradise's modern chemistry means an ultra-low rate of use, an overall rate of use of 150g/hectare; typically 5g to a 20 litre knapsack.

Paradise is usually added to a glyphosate for combines systemic and residual weed control.

Paradise is approved for use in established shrub beds and amenity plantings in addition to non crop and for gravel car parks and industrial sites.


Paradise for publishing copy


Weed control is a vital part of maintaining an urban environment. Unwanted vegetation if left uncontrolled can lead to structural damage to pavements, roads, recreational and play areas and generally degrade the aesthetics of neighbourhoods.

The recent withdrawal of a number of important herbicide active ingredients together with the proliferation of EU legislation has made the whole task of planning and executing a weed control program much more difficult.

Terra Firma understands the sensitivity required in undertaking weed control within public areas, offering a strategic approach based upon the safety of people, animals and the surrounding environment which is why we have as our client base many local authorities, professional weed control contractors, utilities and large industrial sites.
For Industry leading expertise or advice on any aspect of the new EU thematic strategy and EU sustainable use directive make sure you contact Terra Firma.

At Terra Firma we have a huge amount of respect for the modern day Turf Manager.  Producing top quality playing surfaces is a demanding business and there are many challenges facing today’s Greenkeepers and Groundsman.

Our philosophy at Terra Firma is to:

  • Provide an honest evaluation of turfs requirements
  • Understand budgetary constraints and offer clear, sustainable and competitive pricing
  • Give accurate and detailed technical advice from BASIS qualified and experienced field staff
  • Offer a technically sound product range
  • Deliver rapidly from extensive stock holding

We stock an extensive range of fertilisers, soil and plant conditioners, biostimulants, turf wetting agents, fungicides, turf selective herbicides, plant growth regulators, spraying dyes and adjuvants, sand and gravels, spreaders and of course, grass seed mixtures.  The majority of our products are held in stock and are delivered on a next day basis.

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