Excalibar Aquatic Management
  • In still waters, problems with algae result from an imbalance in the aquatic ecosystem. Where there are insufficient waterweeds present, algae are the first to 'grab' nutrients when temperature and light increase in the spring. Rapid growth of algae can quickly shade or smother waterweeds, making algae the dominant recyclers of nutrients. If this annual cycle can be broken, waterweeds can re-establish a long-lasting balance.
    The use of decomposing barley straw is a scientifically proven technique to control aquatic algae. When breaking down in the presence of sufficient oxygen, barley straw yields by-products that block the growth of green-water, blue-green and filamentous ("blanket weed") algae. However, this approach has several drawbacks, using crude barley straw is inconvenient. It must be handled, put loosely into net bags, made to float (eg with plastic drums) and then distributed around the water to be treated. These nets are unsightly, and prone to snagging by anglers, for example. To be effective, the barley straw must break down under the right, oxygen-rich conditions. If these conditions are not present, the barley straw may just add more nutrients to the water, and so feed the algae. It usually takes many weeks for decomposition to begin yielding anti-algae compounds and the potential capacity for yielding anti-algae compounds can vary greatly between batches of straw. Excalibar is not a herbicide. 100% active from the moment it is poured into the water, Excalibar blocks further growth of the algae present. It does not directly kill the algae, Excalibar should ideally be used as a preventive tool, and added in the spring, before the algae begin to grow strongly. It can still be used under algal bloom conditions, but may take some weeks to bring the bloom under control, as the algal cells expire. Suspended algae (green and blue-green species) succumb to Excalibar more quickly than filamentous types.

    • Comes as an easily-applied solution
    • Harmless to fish and other aquatic animals
    • Composition: Extract of barley straw
    • Pack Size: 25 L
    • Rate of Use: When used as a preventative 5L per acre for weeks 1 & 2 and then week 3 onwards 1L per acre per week

    Download the Safety Data Sheet here

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