• Made by a cell-burst procedure that does not involve the use of heat, chemicals or dehydration preserving the maximum amount of Trace elements, Auxins and Cytokininns Kelpak is a leading Global brand with a 300:1 Auxin to Cytokinnin ratio for maximimum root stimulation. Kelpak produces exceptional root growth following application, which in turn produces a flush of healthy top growth. Greenkeepers routinely apply Kelpak to encourage vigorous root growth, improving the uptake of nutrients and resisting stress, especially those caused by root diseases. Regular application maintains a vibrant and healthy sward with less need for application of fungicides and other chemical treatments.

    • Stress relief
    • Good colour
    • Contains vitamins & minerals

    Composition: Ecklonia Maxima seaweed

    Pack Size: 5 L

    Rate of Use: 3- 5 L/ha

    Download the Safety Data Sheet here