Molaceum Biostimulants
  • Molaceum is a natural carbohydrate compound derived from cane sugar. It works as a plant carbohydrate boost and soil microbe feed to provide a vital energy source for healthy and vigorous grass growth. Using Molaceum all year round on turf surfaces boosts the uptake and utilisation of applied nutrients, resulting in an increase in the cold-hardiness and heat stress resistance of turfgrasses, particularly in shade or low light.

    • Food source for soil micro organisms
    • Rejuvenates soil microbes for enhanced soil and grass health
    • A natural source of disease and pest control through an organic compound (aromatic aldehyde,furfural)

    Composition: Simple sugars from Molasses

     Pack Size: 10 L

    Rate of Use: 20 L/ha

    Download the Safety Data Sheet here