Greenmaster-ProLite-Cold-Start 11 5 5 +8

Everiss Greenmaster Pro-Lite Cold Start

SKU:Everiss Greenmaster Pro-Lite Cold Start
ICL/Everiss Greenmaster Pro-Lite Cold Start 11-5-5+8Fe
  • ICL/Everris Greenmaster Pro-Lite Cold Start 11-5-5 + 8Fe - a new type of 'micro' fertiliser granule technology that contain zeolite in an homogenous form. Zeolite's molecular structure is a 3D cagelike framework of silica and alumina molecules. Due to the spaces and channels in each molecule it acts as a microscopic sponge. Excess oxygen is held in the framework and creates a negative charge that holds cations and water molecules until needed by the plant. As a result Zeolite gives improved longevity, dispersion and a more homogenous granule.

    • For kick starting turf in cooler conditions
    • Readily available P and K for quick turf reaction
    • High iron content gives stronger turf reaction without excessive growth


    Composition: 11-5-5+ 8Fe

    Pack Size: 25 Kgs

    Rate of Use: 30 - 35 g/m2


    Download the Safety Data Sheet here