Orbis 20l

Orbis 20 Litre

Orbis 20 Litre Liquid Fert
  • ORBIS is an Organic liquid fertiliser with a macro nutrient analysis of 6:0:6. It is a complexed formulation of plant extracts which provide the grass plant with a natural source of nutrients, trace elements, plant sugars and Amino Acids. Orbis is further supplemented with a healthy 5% of seaweed concentrate, the seaweed source is of the Ascophyllum species.
    Based on organic ingredients with low economical rates of use, a turf tonic to correct plant deficiencies for healthy leaf and shoot growth. Tank mixable with a wide range of fertilisers and wetting agents, a natural food supply to boost beneficial bacterial activity within the rootzone. Orbis is an ideal spring and summer ORGANIC fertiliser which will achieve green up without excessive amounts of Iron. Regular sprays will assist in supplying carbohydrates to the grass plant; also useful for soil health.

    • Complexed plant extracts
    • Added Amino Acids
    • Added 5% Seaweed content

    Composition: 6-0-6

    Pack Size: 20 Litres

    Rate of Use: 40-60 litres/hectare

    Download the Safety Data Sheet here