Growmore 7 7 7


Growmore Miscellaneous Fert
  • Growmore is a general purpose horticultural fertiliser containing the three major nutrients – Nitrogen (N), Phosphates (P) and Potassium (K) required by plants for healthy growth. Growmore is also the ideal fertiliser to use as a pre-seeder before sowing grass seed or laying turf as well as use in shrub beds and where plants require added nutrients. Simply spread on the surface of the soil. Also available in a double strength analysis of 14-14-14 which can be used at half the rate.

    • Balanced 1-1-1 ratio of NPK
    • General purpose fertiliser
    • Granular not powder

    Composition: 7-7-7

    Pack Size: 25 Kgs

    Rate of Use: 30 - 50 g/m2

    Download the Safety Data Sheet here