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Seaweed Meal

Seaweed Meal Miscellaneous Fert
  • 100% Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed which promotes a stress resistant healthy sward and increases soil fertility. A useful source of organic carbon, also containing carbohydrates, amino acids, protein and vitamins all essential for healthy soils. The carbohydrates in Ascophyllum nodosum improve aeration and soil structure, especially in clay soils. The addition of Seaweed meal is ideal when carrying out renovation and aeration work. Alginates are present in seaweed meal at levels of between 15% & 26% which increases microbial populations. Alginates also absorb large volumes of water thus increasing the moisture in the soil. 

    • Soil improver
    • Enhances root growth
    • Boost beneficial soil microbes

    Composition: Seaweed

    Pack Size: 20 Kgs

    Rate of Use: 100 - 200 g/m2