Marathon Allround

Marathon Allround 12-4-6 +1.5% MgO +0.5%Fe

SKU:Marathon Allround 12-4-6 +1.5% MgO +0.5%Fe
Marathon Allround 12-4-6 +1.5% MgO +0.5%Fe
  • Marathon Allround is a versatile long release fertiliser for use on all outfield areas that provides a reliable growth response with good colour for up to 3 months.

    The patented nitrogen complex ensures steady growth, using nutrient sources that avoid excess leaching and help prevent soft growth that can bring on unwanted disease attack.

    The unique formulation boasts a low C:N ration that actively stimulates the digestion of soil organic matter by soil microbes - helping to establish healthy soil and recycling nutrients locked away in the organic fraction of the soil.

    Key points:
    •Versatile all rounder providing cost-effective nutrition for outfields
    •Gives rapid green up from iron and from improved nutrition
    •Specially formulated without nitrates to give consistent results without leaching
    •Great value for money in the slow release market

    Analysis: 12.4.6 + 0.6MgO + 0.5Fe
    Application Rate: 20 - 35g/m2
    Pack Coverage: 571 - 1,000m2
    Bags/Ha: 10 -18


    Contents %
    Total Nitrogen (N) 12%
              Ammoniacal N 2%
              Ureic N 7%
              Organic Nitrogen 3%
    Phosphorous Pentoxide (PSO) 4%
    Potassium Oxide 6%
    Magnesium Oxide (MgO) 1.5%
    Manganese -
    Iron (Fe) 0.5%
    Organic Matter 41%

     Pack size 20kg

    Usage Period - March - September