ProloNg 20 4 20

ProloNg Outfield 20-4-20

SKU:ProloNg Outfield 20-4-20
ProloNg´ż¬ Outfield 20-4-20 Turf Fert
  • ProloNg 20-4-20 + 1.5%MgO + 1.2%Cao + 8%SO3 + Seaweed                

    90% of N as ProloNg technology, 10% as ammoniacal N. Provides a steady prolonged release of nutrient for spring and summer usage - longevity at 3-4 months. ProloNg has the added benefits that include improved utilisation and plant uptake of nitrogen, reduction of wasted nitrogen improving cost efficiency and reducing the environmental impact by preventing volatilization, slowing down nutrification and preventing leaching. ProloNg is a low salt formulation helping improve the rootzone environment. ProloNg technology is biodegradable, water soluble and leaves no adverse environmental footprint.

    • 3-4 month release
    • Ideal spring and summer outfield
    • Added magnesium

    Composition: 20-4-20 + 1.5%MgO + 1.2%Cao + 8%SO3 + Seaweed  
    Pack Size: 20 Kgs
    Rate of Use: 50 g/m2

    Download the Safety Data Sheet here