Sportsmaster 9-7-7

ICL Sportsmaster 9-7-7 Outfield Turf Fert
  • ICL Sportsmaster 9-7-7 fertiliser is well established range for turf mown above 6mm maintaining turf performance throughout the year. With a mini-granular formulation the Sportsmaster range enables even spreading and a rapid breakdown for an immediate and consistent response. Ideal for use on golf courses, sports pitches and other managed amenity turf areas. Perfect for encouraging harder growth and better root development at the start of the year Sportsmaster 9-7-7 will encourage good quality grass development and colour. High quality, dust free product with good granulation that gives excellent coverage.

    • Controlled release
    • Cost effective
    • Breaks down quickly

    Composition: 9-7-7
    Pack Size: 25 Kgs
    Rate of Use: 35 - 70g/m2

    Download the Safety Data Sheet here