Manganese DF

Manganese DF Minor Trace Elements
  • Manganese DF (31% ww Manganese)
    A soluble 31% form of Manganese. Manganese performs several functions within the living grass plant; e.g. The assimilation of carbon dioxide in photosynthesis and the synthesis of chlorophyll and in nitrate assimilation. Trials have also shown it can be used in the management of Take all patch. G-graminis oxidises Mn2+ to Mn3+ or Mn4+ rendering it unavailable to the plant this results in a localised deficiency of Mn which weakens plants resistance to further disease ingression, therefore even if soil analysis doesn’t show a deficit it may still be beneficial to apply light to moderate doses.

    • Easily mixed micro-fine powder
    • Contains 31% Mn - very economical
    • 3.1 kilos of Mn applied from 10kg

    Composition: 0-0-0 + 31% Mn
    Pack Size: 10 Kgs
    Rate of Use: Variable

    Download the Safety Data Sheet here