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MM50 Cricket Wickets

MM50 Cricket Wickets Rye Grass mix
  • MM50 giving rapid germination with quick recovery from damage and play. The benefits of MM50 are tolerance to close mowing a fine leaved and hard wearing mix producing high shoot density which has good all year round colour and high disease resistance. This mixture is treated with Headstart GOLD

    Sowing Rate: 35g-45g/m2

    Oversowing Rate: 25g-35g/m2

    Mowing Height: 4-20mm

    Mixture Formulation

    • 40% Malibu Perennial Ryegrass
    • 30% Venice Perennial Ryegrass
    • 30% Alison Perennial Ryegrass

    Pack Size: 10 and 20 Kgs

    • Ideal for extreme wear conditions
    • Fast establishing
    • Fine leaf and tolerates close mowing
    • Can be used year round