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CK2810 & CK3310

SKU:CK2810 & CK3310
CK2810 & CK3310 Compact Tractor Range
  • The Kioti CK compact tractor range offers two horse powers, 28 and 33 HP*. The chassis is the same for both models. With two types of
    transmission available the CK tractor answers perfectly the need for a tractor that can be used intensively in green spaces and many other applications.
    To guarantee that your CK tractor will perform with maximum efficiency and productivity we offer you a choice of transmission systems HST or Mechanical.
    When traction work is the main priority the mechanical transmission is fast and economic. The 4 wheel drive when engaged gives the ideal power to weight ratio.
    This permits the full power of the CK models to be fully used.  The flexibility of the Hydrostatic transmission and the comfort whilst working, ensures where required, a precise and high level of productivity. Whatever it is you want to do it is you who will dictate the speed of your work.

    * The CK3310 uses a larger engine to give a massive 18% increase in performance. Operators love the feel of extra power.

    To view the Kioti UK 2018 Brochure click here

    To view a video of the CK2810 mid mower click here

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     Compact tractors

    (Medium Chassis)

    CK2810 CK3310
    Horse Power 28 HP 33 HP
     Cylinder Capacity 1393 cc 1647 cc
     Fuel Tank 25 litres 25 litres
     PTO 540 rpm 540 rpm
    Hydraulic Flow 43 I-min (17+26)  43 I-min (17+26)
    Linkage CAT1 - capacity of 739 kg at link arms  CAT1 - capacity of 739 kg at link arms
    Width with Ag.Tyres 1180 mm 1180 mm
    Weight 1025 kg 1025 kg



    CK2810 CK3310
    Mechanical Transmission version Available Available
    Hydrostatic Transmission version Available Available
    Floor Mat Standard Standard
    Under seat Protection Panel Standard Standard
    Loader Joystick Standard Standard
    1 x rear Double active valvewith detent (2 ports) Standard Standard
    Rear linkage - Cat 1 Standard Standard
    Cruise Speed (HST only) Standard Standard
    Mid PTO Option Option
    Single rocker Pedal HST Standard Standard