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DK Tractor Range

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DK Tractor Range and Specifications
  • A large range of tractors with a big personality the DK tractors have a performance that exceeds all expectations. The modern styling and specification symbolises perfectly the spirit of power and capability.
    If you are faced with jobs large or small, the strong construction and high specification of the DK range,made up of twelve models, 2 widths of chassis, 3 choices of horse power and now 4 types of transmission will have a model to suit your needs.
    Innovative technology is a permanent crusade for Kioti. The Hydro shuttle gear change system used on the DK4510 and 5010 models is indicative of this. To reduce driver fatigue, at speeds below 3 km/h it allows you to easily change between forward and reverse without depressing the foot clutch. It is a perfect solution when working in tight areas.
    A further assistance (on the DK4510 / 5010) is the Bi speed turn feature. When engaged the tractor will turn on a very impressive tight radius.
    Increasing the quality of the DK range further is the new DK6010. The Stage 3B CRDi engine is extremely economic to run and meets the latest environmental demands.
    The electronic injection system recycles the exhaust gases using a particulate filter that can be regenerated automatically or upon demand.
    The spacious factory fitted cabin with airconditioning lives up to the high standards of comfort that Kioti tractor cabins are renowned for.
    The high rear linkage lift capacity for the DK6010 model makes this the ideal choice for a working tractor.

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     Compact tractors

    (Large Chassis)

     DK4510  DK5010 DK6010
    Power  - Number of cylinders 45 HP - 4 cylinders 49 HP - 4 cylinders 58 HP - 3 cylinders Turbo CRDI
     Cylinder Capacity 2435cc/ 144 N.m 2435 cc/ 159 N.m 1826 cc/ 175 N.m
     Diesel Tank 45 litres 45 litres 45 litres
    Transmission Mechanical, 16fwd 16rev  Mechanical, 16fwd 16rev  Mechanical, 16fwd 16rev  3 Range HST
     PTO 540 - 540 Eco 540 - 540  Eco 540 - 540 Eco / 540 rpm HST
    Hydraulic Flow 54.8 I-min (18.4+36.4)  54.8 I-min (18.4+36.4)  54.8 I-min (18.4+36.4)
     Rear linkage maximum lift CAT1 - capacity of 1360 kg at link arms  CAT1 - capacity of 1360 kg at link arms  CAT2 - Capacity 1707 kg at link arms
    Width with Ag.Tyres Std: 1520 mm/narrow: 1410 mm Std: 1520 mm/narrow: 1410 mm Std: 1596 mm/narrow: 1486 mm
    Weight 1570 kg 1570 kg 1598 kg ROPS / 1887 kg cab



    DK Range
    Standard version with rear ROPS or narrow version with mid ROPS Option
    Forward and reverse lever machine syncro or Hydro shuffle Option
    2 rear double acting spool valves (4 x ports) Standard
    Bi Speed turn Standard
    Selectable automatic PTO Standard
    Flat floor Standard
    One touch lever for linkage Standard

    Air conditioned cabin

    Only for DK6010