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PX Tractor Range

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PX Tractor Range and Specifications
  • The range of Kioti PX tractors with three horse power models  93 – 103 and 110 HP answers perfectly the requirements for agriculture, polyculture and municipal activities.
    Thanks to the styling and layout you will fall in love with this tractor at first sight. The curved profile and the fine design of the single piece bonnet suits the orange and black giving the Kioti PX tractor a strong image.
    Even demanding professionals are surprised by the technical characteristics of this new range, an increased flow of oil to the hydraulic pump (73.7 litres per min) and a lift capacity at the linkage of 4650KG never fail to impress. The powerful Doosan engine with 3400cc and the gear box (32 forward and 32 reverse gears) with an electric clutch on the power shuttle lever giving excellent smooth changes completes the tractor.

    Projection Lamp - Newly designed headlights allow the operator to see and work safely even in low light condition.
    Single Piece Hood - One single hood gives easy access to components for maintenance and inspection.
    Front Wiper - The front windshield wiper has been positioned lower to give the operator a clear and unobstructed view.
    Rear Window Wiper - The rear window wiper ensures clear visibility to the rear by keeping the rear window clean from rain and dust.
    Working Lamp / Side Working LED Lamp(Opt.) - Rear adjustable working lamps allow the operator to operate safely and effectively in low light conditions.
    External 3 point lift contol - Makes it quick and easy to mount and demount rear linkage implements.
    Rear Remote Hydraulic Valve - The PX series comes standard with dual remote hydraulic valves to accommodate a wide variety of attachments and implements. PX series tractors offer an optional third remote hydraulic valve.
    Large Fuel Tank - 130 Litre fuel tank provides more productive work time without frequent re-fuelling.
    Telescopic Mirror - Adjustable telescopic mirrors provide a wider view.
    Front/Rear Fender - Wide extended fenders with two-tone color protect the machine in tough terrain from the dust, mud and water which might cause damage or a the breakdown.
    External Hydraulic Lift Cylinder - The PX series tractor has two external hydraulic lift cylinders which increase the lift capacity up to 3,630kg (610mm from the lifting point)


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    *PX9530C mechanical shuttle synchronised gearbox with only 16 - 16


     Agricultural tractors


    PX9530 PX1053 PX1153
    Power  - Number of cylinders 93 HP - 4 cylinder Turbo 103 HP - 4 cylinder Turbo 110 HP - 4 cylinder Turbo
     Cylinder Capacity 3409 cc/ 390 N.m 3409 cc/ 430 N.m 3409 cc/ 430 N.m
     Diesel Tank 130 litres 130 litres 130 litres
     PTO 540 - 540 Eco - 1000 trs/min 540 - 540 Eco - 1000 trs/min 540 - 540 Eco - 1000 trs/min
    Hydraulic Flow 119.2 I-min (46.5+72.7) 119.2 I-min (46.5+72.7) 119.2 I-min (46.5+72.7)
    Capacity of rear Linkage CAT2 - capacity of 4650 kg at link arms CAT2 - capacity of 4650 kg at link arms CAT2 - capacity of 4650 kg at link arms
    Width with Ag.Tyres 2150 mm 2150 mm 2150 mm
    Weight with cabin 4200 kg 4200 kg 4200 kg



    PX Range
    Mechanical gearbox (32 fwd.32 rev.) with electro hydraulic shuttle* Standard
    Loader joystick Standard
    2 double acting spool valve (4 ports) Standard
    3rd double acting spool valve with floating position Option
    Computerised dash board Standard
    Pneumatic seat Standard
    Retractable mirrors Standard
    Front mud guards Standard
    Automatic PTO Standard