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RX Tractor Range

SKU:RX Tractor Range
RX Tractor Range and Specifications
  • The RX range of tractors has two horse power engines 66 and 73. They are the latest models in a well proven range that has evolved since 2011.
    The RX range combines the advantages of traditional mechanical and more modern technologies.
    The mechanical synchronised gearbox has 24 forward and 24 reverse gears including creep. The shuttle works well even under load. Electronic injection, airconditioning, electrohydraulic 4 wheel drive engagement are just some of the characteristics of the RX range.
    The RX cabin is spacious, easily accessed and exceptionally quiet. The controls are intelligently laid out and simple. It offers to you a level of comfort and specification that other tractors of this power cannot measure up to.
    New for the RX 30 series power shuttle model, is the ability to change between gears without using the foot clutch. This works by the operator pressing the electric switches that are mounted into the power shuttle lever. Using this system you are guaranteed the ultimate in smooth gear changes.

    CRDI Diesel Engine with Daedong ECO Technology - The new Common Rail Diesel Engine(CRDI) improves the fuel efficiency and decreases noise level.  With this eco-friendly Stageā…¢B engine, the RX Series offers the operator an enhanced working environment with smooth and powerful performance.

    Torque Compensation - This feature enables the engine to maintain a consistent and stable torque level under all conditions. The torque will be stable in any working performance with sale torque level when the air conditioner is on.

    Low Noise, Low Vibration - With new anti-vibration technology, the operator will experience the less vibration during longer working hours.

    Turn Assist Control - The optional Turn Assist Control kit will drop the engine rpm by 10% automatically during sharp turns. This feature allows more precise work and reduces the fuel consumption.

    PTO Cruise - PTO rpm can be fixed by simply engaging the button even with a heavy load. It helps to keep the PTO rpm stable. When in use, the operator can control the PTO rpm speed by simply clicking Inc. (+) or Dec.(-) switch.

    Interior Features

    LCD Dashboard - The operator can check and monitor the details relating to several operating functions information such as speed, fuel efficiency, eco mode and etc. are recorded on the LCD functioned dashboard.
    Ergonomic Levers - Ergonomic Levers help to reduce the operator fatigue and a color coded lever system allows the easy operation.
    Adjustable Steering Wheel - An adjustable panel and fully adjustable steering wheel allows the perfect fit for each operator.
    Air conditioner / Heater - Temperature control keeps the cabin to a comfortable working condition for the operator throughout all seasons.
    Bluetooth/MP3 Player (Cab only) - Enhanced working environment and experience with music and radio during work.

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     Agricultural tractors


    RX6630PC RX7330PC
    Power  - Number of cylinders 66 HP - 4 cylinder Turbo CRDI 73 HP - 4 cylinder Turbo CRDI
     Cylinder Capacity 2435cc/ 220 N.m 2435 cc/ 240 N.m
     Diesel Tank 90 litres 90 litres
     PTO 540 - 540 Eco 540 - 540  Eco
    Hydraulic Flow 67.6 I-min (26+41.6)  67.6 I-min (26+41.6)
    Capacity of rear Linkage CAT2 - capacity of 2400 kg at link arms  CAT2 - capacity of 2400 kg at link arms
    Width with Ag.Tyres 1800 mm 1960 mm
    Weight with cabin 2630 kg 2795 kg



    RX Range
    ROPS or Cabin Version Option
    Mechanical or power shuttle Option
    Electronic shuttle Standard (on power shuttle model)
    1 double acting spool valve (2 ports) Standard
    2nd and 3rd double acting valve Option
    Loader joystick Standard
    External 3 point linkage control Standard

    Work lights front and rear for cabin