Pellenc Electric Range

A Range of 100% electric tools. Professional, economical and silent tools that improve your working conditions and those around you.  Pellenc is committed to the environment.

Thanks to its strategy of innovation, and after many years of research, Pellenc has replaced the ‘old’ combustion engines with a brand new electrical technology. The Pellenc technology associates an electric motor and a revolutionary battery. Light, odourless, noise-free, with no starting problems and no filling the fuel tank, your old petrol chainsaw, hedge trimmer or brush cutter will seem to belong to the past. Pellenc’s Research and Development team includes more than 100 researchers and includes engineers and technicians specialised in research, computer modelling, prototyping, electronics, electrical engineering, mechanics, etc., and is working steadily to provide you with tomorrow’s solutions today.
The 50 patents registered by Pellenc bear witness to Pellenc’s supremacy in terms of innovation. The Pellenc group is proud to master this know-how. Pellenc ensures that you work with powerful, rapid, simple-to-use, light and reliable tools, with a record capacity of up to one day’s use.  To date, Pellenc are still the only ones who can offer you this. Furthermore, by choosing Pellenc Green-Technology, you contribute with us to protecting the environment and preventing neighbourhood nuisance.
Alpha Range 4 Front Page

Alpha Range

Petrol Has Had its Day

Raison Easy Mower Front Page

Raison Easy Mower

The variable speed mower for effortless mowing

City Cut

Pellenc City Cut Brush Cutter

Cutter Head for an Alternative, Scatter-free Weeding Solution

Airion 3

Pellenc Airion 3

The New Generation Blower, Lightweight and Powerful


Pellenc Helion

A Range of Lightweight, Highly Prescise Hedge Trimmers


Pellenc Prunion

Light, Tough and Powerful Pruning Shears

Selion M12

Pellenc Selion M12

A Compact Chainsaw, Ideal for Gentle Pruning Work

Selion C21 HD

Pellenc Selion C21 HD

The Lightweight, Precise Pruner for Intensive Use

Selion Pole Saw

Pellenc Selion Pole Saw

Lightweight, Multi-function Pole Pruner