Disc Harrows

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Disc Harrows
  • There's nothing like the smell of fresh-turned dirt, especially when you are doing what you love .... working the land.

    Whether you're breaking new ground for a garden, or tilling an existing nursery, food plot, vinyard or farm, Woods has the right - and the best - disc harrow for your land.  You will get years of productive, reliable, dirt-turning work. 

    Built with high-strength U.S. steel, these rugged disc harrows carry Woods' reputation for durability and reliability.  Plus, they are easy to use due to innovative design features such as individually adjustable disc gangs that reposition with a single pin.



    DHS48 - 48-inch
    DHS64 - 64-inch
    DHS80 - 80-inch

    • Mud scrapers that prevent clogging, increase productivity
    • Furrow fillers (DHS64, DHS80)121
    Model DHS48 DHS64 DHS80
    Tractor Engine HP up to 35 hp 25 - 45 hp 35 - 55 hp
    Tractor Hitch Cat 1, Lim, Cat 1, Cat 0 optional Cat 1
    Working Width 121,9 cm 162,6 cm 203,2 cm 
    Weight (depending upon blade type) 177 kg 230 kg 268 kg
    Average weight per blade 15 kg 16 kg 15 kg
    Disc Type notched notched, or combination of smooth and notched
    Disc Diameter 40,6 cm 45,7 cm
    Disc Quantity  12 14 18
    Disc Spacing 19,1 cm front and rear 22,9 cm front 19,1 cm rear
    Frame Construction 7,6 x 7,6 cm tube and angle
    Gang Axle Diameter 2,5 cm square
    Angle Adjustments 0o to 21o
    Bearing Type self-aligning (lubed for life)  
    Quick-hitch Compatible yes