Multi-Spindle Rotary Cutters

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Multi-Spindle Rotary Cutters
  • Durable and easy - to - use cutters for both brush cutting and crop shredding.

    Easy to Use

    The proven leader in the cutter business delivers a full line of durable easy-to-use rotary cutters.
    Choose our classic belt-driven model or a 30-, 40-, 50- or 60-series model loaded with features that help you work efficiently and effectively – whatever you’re cutting or shredding.

    • A floating hitch allows the cutter to follow the terrain. Cross steep inclines and ditches with ease.
    • Changing cutting blades is a snap with the exclusive Woods Quick-Change blade pin system, standard on all gear-driven dual-spindle cutters. 50-Series models also feature a large blade access window in the deck.
    • The 50-series offers variable wheel spacing so you can adjust the wheels for row crops.

    Hard to Break

    You’ll rely on your Woods rotary cutter for years because they are still manufactured  with the same dependable quality that Woods have built in since 1946.

    • Woods gearboxes feature heat-treated, alloy steel gears that stand up to the demands of rotary cutting.
    • Sloped-top decks shed water and debris to prevent rust and corrosion and wrap around a heavy steel superstructure.1
    • Spring cushion axles reduce stress spikes to keep your Woods rotary cutter delivering highperformance cutting.2
    • Factory balanced stump jumpers are standard. Avoid hazards and save your blades from wear and tear.1

    1) N/A on belt-driven models
    2) N/A on DS8.30 and DS10.40

    TRACTOR PTO HP RANGE: 35 - 120 HP, 30- and 40-Series Dual-Spindle Models


    MDS 8.30 - 8-foot, 3-point mounted
    MDS10.40 - 10-foot, 3-point mounted

    • Cuts light brush up to 3,8 cm (30-Series) to 5,1 (40-Series) in diameter
    • Six year limited gearbox warranty


    MODEL MDS8.30 (3-Point Mounted) MDS10.40 (3-Point Mounted)
    PTO Horsepower  45 - 100 hp 60 - 120 hp
    Hitch Category / Type Cat 1 or 2 / clevis Cat 2 & 3 / clevis
    Cutting Width 2,44 m 3,04 m
    Cutting Height 5,1 - 30,5 cm   
    Cutting Capacity 3,8 cm 5,1 cm
    Gearbox Horsepower Rating 100 hp centre, 75 hp spindle 120 hp centre, 90 hp spindle
    Blade Tip Speed 77,21 mps 84,83 mps
    Deck Side Depth 25,4 cm
    Deck Thickness 3,4 mm 
    Overall Width 2,54 m 3,15 m
    Overall Length 2,44 m 2,79 m
    Weight 550 kg 715 kg
    Blade Dimensions 1,3 x 10,2 cm
    Wheels laminated
    Quick-hitch Compatible yes
    Gearbox Warranty 6 years


















     TRACTOR PTO HP RANGE: 50 - 200 HP, 50 Series Dual-spindle Models


    MDDS 8.50  8-foot, 3-point mounted
    MDSO10.50 10-foot, 3-point mounted

    Woods’ rugged and powerful 50-Series offset models are ideal for orchards, tree-lined elds and any setting with overhangs.

    • Cuts brush up to 7,6 cm in diameter
    • Variable wheel spacing
    • Six-year limited gearbox warranty
    MODEL MDS8.50 (3-Point Mounted) MDS10.50 (3-Point Mounted)
    PTO Horsepower  55 - 180 hp 65 - 205 hp
    Hitch Category / Type Cat 2 & 3 / clevis
    Cutting Width 2,44 m 3,04 m
    Cutting Height 5,1 - 30,5 cm   
    Cutting Cpacity 7,6 cm
    Gearbox Horsepower Rating 205 hp centre, 160 hp spindle
    Blade Tip Speed

    540 rpm/75,62 mps

    1000 rpm/76,84 mps

    540 rpm/81,14 mps

    1000 rpm/82,46 mps

    Deck Side Depth 33 cm
    Deck Thickness 3,4 mm
    Overall Width 2,6 m 3,23 m
    Overall Length 2,52 m 2,82 m
    Weight 938 kg 1076 kg
    Blade Dimensions 1,3 x 10,2 cm
    Wheels laminated
    Quick-hitch Compatible yes
    Gearbox Warranty 6 years