Weed control is a vital part of maintaining an urban environment. Unwanted vegetation if left uncontrolled can lead to structural damage to pavements, roads, recreational and play areas and generally degrade the aesthetics of neighbourhoods. The recent withdrawal of a number of important herbicide active ingredients together with the proliferation of EU legislation has made the whole task of planning and executing a weed control program much more difficult. Terra Firma understands the sensitivity required in undertaking weed control within public areas, offering a strategic approach based upon the safety of people, animals and the surrounding environment which is why we have as our client base many local authorities, professional weed control contractors, utilities and large industrial sites. For Industry leading expertise or advice on any aspect of the new EU thematic strategy and EU sustainable use directive make sure you contact Terra Firma. We stock an extensive range of manufacturers products including: Nomix, Monsanto, Bayer, Dow AgroScience, Amega Sciences, Headland Amenity.