Ecoplug Maxᄄ

Ecoplug Maxᄄ Forestry & Brushwood Herbicides
  • Ecoplug Max - MAPP 14741 - 68% w/w glyphosate

    Ecoplug Max is a novel patented tree stump control herbicide application method. Each plug contains 300mg of granular glyphosate which is released inside the tree stump ensuring all the active ingredient is carefully targeted where it is needed. Its easy to use with a wide range of benefits to the operator and the environment such as reduced risk of chemical spillage, reduced risk to water, no risk to surrounding tree and vegetation, no risk of operator contact with chemical, not sensitive to rain/wash of following application and reduces overdosing. Extends the interval between clearings compared to cutting alone. Ecoplug Max can be applied in all weathers and all year round. Supports the requirements of the Sustainable Use Directive to minimise herbicide use and the Water Framework Directive to prevent contamination of waterways with pesticides. Ingenious plug that is inserted into a tree or a stump to kill it and eventually eliminate it and its regrowth. Ecoplug Max is a 100 percent effective method of dealing with and eliminating the sprouting from broad leaf trees such as Alder, elm, aspen, birch, beech, lime, maple, mountain ash, sallow, poplar, ash, cherry, bird cherry, oak and other broad leafed tree species.

    Contains: 300mg dry crystalline Glyphosate
    Pack size: box of 100
    Application rate: Variable

    Download the Safety Data Sheet here

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