• Forester - MAPP 13164 - 100 g/l cypermethrin

    Forester is an insecticide emulsion in water formulation containing 100 g /l (10% w/w) cypermethrin for control of Large Pine Weevil (Hylobius abietis) in forestry. Hylobius, the Large Pine Weevil damages the forestry transplants by feeding on the bark, often ring-barking the tree. Adult weevils have two peak periods of feeding, the first between April and June and the second between July and October. Forester is a contact and stomach acting insecticide with residual activity, applied as a post planting treatment for forestry transplants.

    Post planting forestry treatment apply 20ml product per litre of water in a knapsack or forest drench gun. Post planting forestry applications should be made either before damage is seen or on the onset of damage in the first two years after transplanting. A maximum of three applications can be made in any one year. Applications are recommended in April and July.

    • Liquid formulation
    • Contact acting
    • Use post planting

    Contains: Cypermethrin
    Pack Size: 5 L
    Application Rate: Dilute 20ml product per litre water

    Water Volume: Spray 10- 20ml of diluted product/per tree

    Download the Safety Data Sheet here

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