Finalsan Plus

Finalsan Plus

Finalsan Plus Surface Mosskillers & Algacides
  • Finalsan Plus - MAPP 15147 - 186.7 g/l pelargonic acid + 30 g/l maleic hydrazide

    Finlasan Plus gives rapid burn down of broadleaved weeds, grasses and moss. Pelargonic acid penetrates the plant leaf destroying the cell membranes and maleic hydrazide works as a plant growth regulator it prevents cells from dividing stopping regrowth. Thorough wetting of moss is required, choose appropriate nozzle to achieve a high water volume. Can be used in shrub beds for moss control. Results should be seen within 24 hours.    

    • Dual activity, kills weeds and Moss
    • Rapid contact activity
    • Based on a natural substance
    • Biodegradeable product

    Pack Size: 5 L
    Coverage: 1.66L in 10L water covers 100m2
    Contains: Pelargonic Acid +Maleic Hydrazide

    Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and product information before use.