Easel Pastureland Selective Herbicides
  • Easel - MAPP15548 - 750 g/l MCPA

    Easel is a Hi -Load (750g) straight phenoxy selective herbicide for the control of many broadleaved weeds in cereals and grassland. Phenoxies are completely unrelated to human hormones, they replicate one of the plant hormones and disrupt growth, effectively causing the weed to grow itself to death. Phenoxies play a useful part in resistance management, they will often kill larger weeds and perennial weeds which can occur in spring cereals and are not well controlled by most other actives. MCPA can be used alone or tank mixed with other herbicides. MCPA is a good treatment for soft rushes and sedges in pastureland situations also controls difficult weeds such as Fat hen, Charlock, Corn buttercup, Thistles and Poppy.

    • 2 hour rainfastness
    • Very safe to grass

    Contains: MCPA
    Pack Size: 10 L
    Application Rate: 2.2 L/ha

    Water Volume: 200 - 400 L/ha

    Download the Safety Data Sheet here

    Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and product information before use.