Chikara Total Herbicide
  • Chikara - MAPP 14189 - 25% w/w flazasulfuron

    Chikara is a pre-emergent and early post-emergent herbicide. Chikara's modern chemistry means Ultra low rate of use, typically 5g to a 20 litre Knapsack. Can be added to Glyphosate for combined systemic and residual weed control. To control annual and perennial weeds on natural surfaces not intended to bear vegetation, and permeable surfaces over-lying soil. Chikara is a residual herbicide to control pre-emerged weeds on soft surfaces only. It cannot be used on hard surfaces. 

    Long lasting weed control on soft surfaces due to it's residual action giving effective control of pre-emerged broad-leaved weeds, annual and perennial grasses. Water dispersable granular formulation for ease of tank mixing and application.

    • Very Low rate of use
    • 3 - 5 months weed prevention
    • Measuring vessel supplied

    Contains: Flazasulfuron
    Pack Size: 50 gms 
    Rate of Use: 150 g/ha

    Water Volume: 200 - 600 L

    Download the Safety Data Sheet here

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