Knapsacks & Parts

Robust, leak free, and comfortable are the key requirements of all Industrial/Professional knapsack sprayers.

At Terra Firma we are pleased to be main agents for Hozelock/Cooper Pegler/Berthoud and not only sell the industry’s leading brands but also back this up with provision of all spares and advice on safe use and application

Berthoud Comfort Pro 2000

Berthoud Comfort Pro 2000

Berthoud Comfort Pro 2000 Knapsacks & Parts

CP3 Injected

NEW CP3 injected

NEW CP3 injected Knapsacks & Parts

CP3 Evolution Back view

NEW CP3 Evolution

NEW CP3 injected Knapsacks & Parts

CP15 Classic

CP15 Classic

CP15 Classic Knapsacks & Parts

CP15 2000

CP15 Series 2000

CP15 Series 2000 Knapsacks & Parts


CP3 Series 2000

CP3 Series 2000 Knapsacks & Parts


CP3 Classic

CP3 Classic Knapsacks & Parts

Accudos Spotgun

Accudos Spotgun

Accudos Spotgun Knapsacks & Parts


Weed Ball

Weed Ball Knapsacks & Parts

Weedwiper Microwipe

Weed Wiper

Weed Wiper Knapsacks & Parts

Measuring Jugs

Measuring Jugs

Measuring Jugs Knapsacks & Parts

Spray Shields

Spray Shields/Hoods

Spray Shields/Hoods Knapsacks & Parts