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GG3 - Low Mow

GG3 - Low Mow
  • GG3 Low mow a specialised mixture for low maintenance situations where low mowing regimes are necessary. For general landscaping, lawns, parkland, housing and industrial estates. Very low maintenance with rapid establishment and strong weed competition will create a good ground cover.

    Sowing Rate - 35g/m²

    Cutting Height - Down to 15mm

    Esquire   Perennial Ryegrass                30%

    Carnac   Perennial Ryegrass                 30%

    Helena   Slender Creeping Red Fescue   20%

    Bornito   Hard Fescue                           15%

    Highland Browntop Bent                        5%

    Pack Size: 20 Kgs

    • Very low maintenance
    • Rapid establishment
    • Strong weed competition
    • Good ground cover