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Aero-LinemarkerAerosol spray marker

Aero-Linemarker Aerosol spray marker
  • Pitchmark's Aerosol Line Marker is a strong, robust machine manufactured to use aerosol paint when line marking.  This versitile line marker can be used across a number of surfaces but is engineered with hard surfaces in mind such as outdoor sports courts and car parks. 

    Combined with Pitchmark's range of Sportsline aerosol marking paint, the perfectly balanced 4 wheeled machine delivers fantastic results to the required surface.  The easy-access can holder allows the operator to replace aerosol cans in a number of seconds.

    1. 2" - 4"  (50mm - 100mm) line marking width
    2. Lightweight yet robust
    3. 4 puncture proof wheels
    4. Additional aerosol can storage
    5. Trigger operated for quick shut off