Conqueror 750ml

Nomix Compact Conqueror

Nomix Compact Conqueror Nomix Total Herbicides
  • Nomix Conqueror - MAPP 16039 - 144 g/l glyphosate

    Nomix Conqueror Amenity is a total herbicide approved for use on hard and soft surfaces and in aquatic situations. It controls a wide range of broad-leaved and aquatic weeds. Nomix Conqueror Amenity contains Glyphosate. Nomix Conqueror Amenity is a clean label, ready to use Total Droplet Control (TDC) herbicide. It is a technically advanced, non-irritant formulation.

    • Ready to use - apply using a Nomix TDC applicator
    • Clean label - no hazard symbols on the label
    • Versatile - use on hard surfaces, around amenity vegetation, gravelled areas, shrub beds
    • Aquatic approval - controls emergent and floating weeds
    • Unique formulation
    • Accurate application system

    Contains: Non irritant Glyphosate
    Pack Size: 750 ml
    Rate of Use: 10 L/ha

    Download the Safety Data Sheet here

    Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and product information before use.