Jewel Mosskiller
  • Jewel - MAPP 16212 - 1.5% w/w carfentrazone-ethyl + 60% w/w mecoprop-P

    Jewel is the first combined weed and mosskiller on the market. Jewel has a post emergence contact activity with two powerful herbicides Carfentrazone-ethyl and a systemic activity with Mecoprop-P. Jewel doesn't turn the moss black unlike iron treatments the moss will die-back in time and can be scarified out 10-14 days after application. A broad spectrum of broadleaved weeds will be controlled by the Mecoprop-P incluing Fat hen, common chickweed, Greater Plantain and Shepards purse.

    • Contact and systemic
    • Can be used on all turf areas

    Contains: Carfentrazone-ethyl + Mecoprop-P
    Pack Size: 1.5 Kgs
    Application Rate: 1.5 Kg/ha Water Volume: 500 L/ha

    Download the Safety Data Sheet here

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