Safor Packshot


  • Safor is a blend of organic acids and surfactants that can be used to remove algae, moss and lichens on external hard surfaces, providing a safe and easy solution to hard surface management.
    Algae, moss and lichens colonise areas such as buildings, roofs, paths and walkways. They are unsightly, damaging to surfaces and can create slippery areas.

    Key Features

    Cleans and removes algae, slimes and lichens
    Moss and liverworts dettered
    Easy and economical to use
    Reduces the risk of slippery surfaces

    Safor works by killing the chloroplasts with biocides, which prevents photosynthesis and the living plant tissue dies. It has a very rapid effect – results usually occur within 48 hours. It is strong and long lasting and it’s efficient cleaning action visually brightens surfaces.Where there is thick build up of vegetative matter, ensure that the areas are well soaked to achieve complete penetra-tion.

    Pack Size   - 5 Litre
    Application Rate  - 2.5 - 5 L/500m2
    Water Rate  - 25 - 50 L/500m2
    Product Type   - Hard Surface Biocide
    Firmulation   - Soluble concentrate

    Use all year round.