Maintain NT

Maintain NT
  • Maintain NT - MAPP 18081 - 120 g/l trinexapac-ethyl

    Trinexapac - ethyl specifically targets the gibberellic acid site responsible for cell elongation in grass. Maintain diverts energy away from vertical growth, toward lateral growth and root development, providing a closer denser sward equiped  to withstand temperature extremes, moisture loss, traffic and wear and tear, and even helps in the management of Poa annua.
    Maintain can be used on managed amenity turf areas such as golf course fairways, golf tees, greens, sports pitches and areas which are difficult to mow such as sloping banks.

    • Reduces grass top growth
    • Improves appearance of turf
    • Cuts down on clippings

    Contains: Trinexapac-ethyl
    Pack Size: 5 L
    Rate of Use: 0.4 - 3.2 L/ha

    Water Volume: 300 - 1000 L/ha

    Download the Safety data Sheet here 

    Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and product information before use.