Pure Azoxy 500g

Pure Azoxy 500g

Pure Azoxy 500g
  • PURE AZOXY - MAPP 18065 - Contains 500g/kg (50.0% w/w) Azoxystrobin
    Pure Azoxy contains Azoxystrobin which is a broad spectrum fungicide of the Strobilurin class and is labelled for  use against  Fusarium patch, Anthracnose, Brown Patch, Leaf pot/Melting out, Rusts, Take All Patch and type 2 fairy ring. Despite the same Biochemical action as other Strobilurins uniquely amongst the Strobilurin molecule group Azoxystrobin has upward movement in the Xylem of the grass plant and can also be used up to 4 times per annum. Pure Azoxy is a soluble granule and available in 100gram and 500gram packs.

    • Controls fusarium and take all patch
    • Protects merging leaves
    • Can be tank-mixed

    Pack Size:500gms
    Application Rate: 500 gm/ha

    Water Volume: 125 - 1000 L/ha

    Download the Safety Data Sheet here

    Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and product information before use.