GBR Intensive wetter9

GBR Intensive Wetter 20 Litre

GBR Intensive Wetter Liquid Turf Wetting Agent
  • GBR Intensive wetter is a powerful surfactant blend that aids water infiltration and can also emulsify hydrophobic materials which are then removed with a strong water flush following application. Wet conditions generating water-logged root zones for extended periods encourage the growth of anaerobic micro-organisms in the soil and dormancy of aerobic micro-organisms. Anaerobic organisms are less efficient than aerobic organisms at breaking down organic material – this can lead to more hydrophobic soil conditions. Thus, following prolonged wet conditions, golf courses may benefit from a curative application. The traditional time to make a curative application is early spring but it can be applied in the autumn and winter months. Intensive Wetter gives a short term penetrant effect, either applied to irrigation water or to greens via a boom sprayer. Used according to directions Intensive Wetter has an effective curative, soil washing effect.

    • Penetrant surfactant aids water infiltration
    • Detergent surfactants for a curative effect
    • Low use rate

    Composition: Non-ionic Surfactant

    Pack Size: 20 L

    Rate of Use: 1-3 L/Ha