Influx Excel2

Influx Exel

Influx Excel Liquid Turf Wetting Agent
  • Highly concentrated formula with much lower application rate than most penetrants means Influx Excel is cost effective for Fairways, reducing water run-off. Influx Excel has some residual wetting ability in addition to its powerful penetrant properties and dew dispersal effect. Ultra-low rate of use. Influx Excel is a powerful penetrant wetting agent developed fro use in amenity grass. Influx Excel provides effective wetting within the rootzone, ethoxylated siloxane are highly effective at lowering the interfacial tension between water and other substrates even at low concentrations.

    Fairways without irrigation can still benefit from the use of Influx Excel by ensuring more even water penetration, reduced run-off from compacted and sloping areas and a quicker uptake of water into the soil following extended periods without rainfall.

    • For residual and penetrant effect on fairways
    • Dew dispersing effect
    • Can be used at high concentration to minimise spray runs when applying to large areas

    Composition: Highly concentrated ethoxylated siloxane

    Pack Size: 1 and 5 L

    Rate of Use: Very low application rate