Aquzone Irrigation Tank Tablet

Aquazone Irrigation Tank Tablets

Aquazone Irrigation Tank Tablets Turf Wetting Agent
  • A 3kg large tablet for addition to irrigation tanks. The tablets will dissolve slowly and uniformly, reducing the surface tension of applied water. Aquazone tablets are supplied with a mesh bag which can be used to hang the tablets near to inlet or outlet pipes. Putting tablets closer to the water flow will result in quicker dissolution and more effective surface tension reduction. Tablets can be placed further from any water flow if slower dissolution is required. Aquazone Tablets in irrigation tanks will typically only achieve very low concentrations in solution due to the high volume of water present. However, even solutions with concentrations below 0.001% surfactant can achieve a significant reduction in surface tension compared with untreated water. Use Aquazone Irrigation Tank Tablets as required by placing into the irrigation tank. 

    • Increases the wetting power of irrigation water
    • Mild system cleaning and lubricity effect
    • Tablets dissolve uniformly and do not break-up or disintegrate

    Composition: Copolymer Surfactant

    Pack Size: 3kg tablet

    Rate of Use: Place in tank as required