Aquazone Pellets

Aquazone Pellets

Aquazone Pellets Turf Wetting Agent
  • A unique 100% active, block copolymer wetting agent pellet with very low scorch potential, for use in hose-end applicators. Aquazone Pellets will give effective wetting performance on ‘hot spot’ areas. The pellets maintain their integrity and dissolve uniformly. The pellets are ‘cast’ into water soluble bags (which dissolve rapidly in use) to allow their easy removal from the pot. Aquazone Pellets dissolve slowly as water passes over them reducing surface tension of applied water and thus increasing its wetting power. Pellets, complete with water soluble bag, should be removed from the pot before use and placed into the hose end applicator. Water greens, tees and hotspots as required. One tablet will treat up to 6-7 greens. Use Aquazone Pellets on green, tees, raised bunkers and other 'hot spot' and compacted areas to restore water penetration to the root zone.

    • Increases wetting power of hose applied water
    • Water soluble bag allows easy removal of pellet from it's pot
    • Pellets dissolve uniformly and do not break-up or disintegrate

    Composition: Copolymer surfactant

     Pack Size: Box of 6 x 250g pellets

    Rate of Use: 1 pellet treats up to 7 greens