Floral Canvas

Floral Canvas Colour Splash CS7

Floral Canvas Colour Splash CS7
  • Floral Canvas is a low growing colourful mixture which will provide a superb floral environment. Exclusively composed of annuals including Cornflower, Poppy and Red Flax. It will flower around 50 days after germination, then will continue until the first frost. A great mixture for ground cover.
    Mixture Information:
    1) Borage - Borago Officinallis
    2) Cornflower - Centaurea Cyanus
    3) Golden Tickseed - Coreopsis Tinctoria
    4) Mexican Aster - Cosmos Bipinnatus
    5) California Poppy - Eschscholzia Californica
    6) Red Flax - Linum Annum
    7) Dwarf Lupin - Lupinus Nanus
    8) China Aster - Callistephus Chiensis
    9) English Marigold - Calendula Officinalis
    10) Wild Canfytuft - Iberis Amara
    11) Sunbow Zinnia - Zinnia Elegans
    SOWING DATE: April - June
    SOWING RATE: 2g/m2
    HEIGHT: 40cm - 50cm
    PACK SIZE: 400g or 4kg