New Wave

New Wave Colour Splash CS3

New Wave Colour Splash CS3
  • New Wave provides good cover for fauna and a good source of nectar for insects. The mixture features orange tones and withstands heat and drought very well. If climatic conditions are suitable germination will be 8-10 days after sowing providing a good cover with an abundance of flowers. New Wave will flower from mid-June until late November.
    Mixture Information:
    1) Cornflower - Centaurea Cyanus
    2) Sensation Cosmos Bipinnatus - Cosmos Bipinnatus
    3) Yellow Cosmos - Cosmos Sulphureus
    4) Garden Chrysanthemum - Chrysanthemum
    5) Golden Tickseed - Coreopsis Tinctoria
    6) Tithonia - Tithonia Speciosa
    7) California Zinnia - Zinnia Elegans
    SOWING DATE: April-May
    SOWING RATE: 2g/m2
    HEIGHT: 1m - 1.5m
    PACK SIZE: 400g or 4kg