• Vale Gritters


Vale Gritters and Brine spraying units are fastly becoming recognised as one of the best winter maintenance equipment products on the market. Designed and manufactured in the UK the Vale range are easy to operate, relaible and require little or no maintenance on a daily basis. All the Vale salt spreaders can cope with wet or dry brown or white salt, sand or grit. The unique Pozi-Feed twin auger system ensures smooth delivery of salt onto the spreading disc, the imbalance created by using 2 off set augers means that bridging of the salt is a very rare occurrance. With 18 different speed settings on the auger and disc through 2 individual valves you have varying application rates and spread widths available at the twist of a dial.

The meticulous construction of these units ensure that life time costs are greatly reduced compared to other salt spreaders. Widely used across the UK our clients include Local authorities, Contractors, Schools, Facility management companies and Airports.

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