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Krista K

KRISTA - K is a highly soluble form of Potassium Nitrate.  The nitrogen element is in Nitrate form, immediately available to the grass plant furthermore the synergistic effect between K+ and NO3 - facilitates the uptake of both ions by the plant roots, the potassium 'piggybacks' on the Nitrogen resulting in more potassium getting into the plant quickly.  This is soluble, low cost feed.  It works in cold weather, hardens up turf, can be used on all grass areas and has horticultureal uses as well.

  • Rapid Green Up
  • Non-acidifying
  • Cost effective

Composition: 13-0-46

Pack Size: 25Kgs

Rate of use: Variable



Paradise is a residual herbicide containing 25% Flazasulfuron and is formulated as a soluble granule which readily dissolves in the spray tank.

Paradise's modern chemistry means an ultra-low rate of use, an overall rate of use of 150g/hectare; typically 5g to a 20 litre knapsack.

Paradise is usually added to a glyphosate for combines systemic and residual weed control.

Paradise is approved for use in established shrub beds and amenity plantings in addition to non crop and for gravel car parks and industrial sites.


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